All the Jewish kids your age are atheists


My dad’s partner said it:

“All the Jewish kids your age are atheists”.

It was the best sentence I’d heard in awhile.

First of all, I’m 33, and I still qualify as a kid.

Second, I was very excited to hear how not alone I am from her perspective.

My dad’s partner didn’t know that she was making my night.

In an unrelated conversation several days later, my husband mentioned the Pew survey of Jewish Americans and its finding that belief in god among Jews is most highly correlated with educational attainment.  

29% of Jews with graduate degrees (including me) don’t believe in god or a universal spirit.
Among Jews who “only graduated from college” but did not go on to earn advanced degrees (like my husband), 25% don’t believe in god or a universal spirit.
18% of Jews who started but didn’t finish college don’t believe in god (or a universal spirit…)
and 17% of Jews who’ve never attended any college are nonbelievers.

So, the more education a Jew completes, the more likely they are to join our ranks.  

I loved hearing that I am on the same side as education.

Right where I wanna be.




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