My name is Sara and I’m a pro-religion atheist.

A secular religionist.

I believe in religion for atheists.

I’m a skeptic and a sentimentalist, a traditionalist and an iconoclast.

I see religion as a great human invention.

I’m passionate about my atheism, and my Judaism.  And I’m tired of apologizing for being an atheist.

I’m on a mission to reclaim religion based in culture rather than theism.
(Theism-focused Judaism is an outgrowth of Christian culture, not Jewish culture!)

My mission is to help modern Judaism work better for atheists, agnostics, naturalists, and skeptics.

My goal is to make Jewish congregations, institutions, and programs more atheist-friendly and to be a Jewish and spiritual resource for atheists.

I want mainstream congregations, and Jewish children’s books, to talk more about things that are relevant and engaging for most people, and less about god.

I want synagogues to be filled to the brim. I want them to be filled with atheists who are finding great value within their walls and hearing messages that resonate rather than alienate. I want synagogues to undergo a philosophical makeover and thereby rejuvenate and attract many more people to a vibrant, thriving Judaism.

I think that it’s time to invite atheists to the religious table – not for debate, but as catalysts for progress.
Atheism is a reflection of humanity’s evolving understanding of the world and the human condition.
I think that atheists can help develop religion to keep it relevant to the increasing number of people who have a naturalistic worldview.

I love busting stereotypes – of atheists, of women, of Republicans… (I’m not a Republican, but I sympathize with Republican critiques much more than it seems most progressives do).

I strive to be an expert in naturalist/nontheist religion.  


Some other (fun?) facts about me:

-In January 2013, a few months before my wedding, when I was in the midst of planning it and didn’t have time to do anything about this, I was struck with a strong desire, seemingly out of nowhere, to share my atheist thoughts on the interwebs. I don’t know why.  But I decided to do it.
I would wake up early in the morning with atheist ideas overflowing out of my head. I would scramble to jot them down before I forgot them.
This would also happen to me in the shower. I would dash out from under the stream of water to find a pen and a scrap of paper. I’d drip water and suds all over the floor. I’d scratch down my ideas and then get back in to rinse out my hair.
Deciphering my notes that had conditioner dripped onto them is challenging.  Even when not dripping conditioner, I often wrote quickly, and my chicken scratch isn’t fun to try to read. I also have creative resistance (thanks to Tara Mohr for helping me realize this!  Duh 🙂 ).  So, many of my ideas remain on the scraps of paper I originally wrote them on. But this site is my vehicle for getting them out there!  It’s a work in progress and a long-term project.  Patience is not one of my strengths, but I’m working on it.

-I’m a Jewish nerd. After outgrowing my hometown’s Reform Hebrew school (my parents said that my friend Aviva and I mastered the aleph-bet and the teachers didn’t know enough Hebrew to keep us challenged), I switched to Lubavitch Hebrew school, followed by 6 years of Orthodox Jewish day school and one year in a “midrasha” (a yeshiva for women) in Jerusalem studying Jewish subjects full-time before college. I took some Jewish history in college but dropped comparative religion after one class because it was boring (huge disappointment – I, as do many idealistic young people, had been waiting years to take comparative religion).

-I had my first baby in September 2015.  I’m completely obsessed with her.

-I like colorful language. It’s more fun, like eating with your fingers. (Doesn’t food taste better that way? Oh, it’s just me?)
I like to be real. I like when other people are real. I believe in “say what you mean and mean what you say”. Just ask my husband… It’s his favorite quality of mine :).  (Just kidding.)
I’d rather focus on trying to be funny and have a sparkly personality than making sure never to offend anyone.
Sorry in advance?

I’m glad that you’re here

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No sharing or selling of information ever.
I don’t even know how to do that, though I’m sure it’s not hard to figure out  …  …  … … … … … … I’ve got better things to do with my time.


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