Judaism is expansive.  Theism is expendable.


Judaism beyond belief

it’s about way more than theism


Atheists need religion too.


Judaism has a ton to offer freethinkers & skeptics:

Meaning - Connection - Community - Ritual - Purpose

how to live & how to die

This is human culture.

much bigger than bagels and lox

much bigger than theism

not for believers only


Stripping society of religion has left us culturally impoverished.

           Religion is the baby.

                       Theism is the bathwater.



Freedom from theism

Of course you can be a Jew and an atheist.

Being an atheist and even a committed Jew is no contradiction.

Being an atheist makes one a good Jew.

Iconoclasm is the Jewish heritage.

The core of Judaism is atheism.

Judaism is a religion of atheism – a religion for skeptics and freethinkers.

Religion exists because of certain elements of human nature. While human understanding of the world has changed, human nature has not. All humans can benefit from religion, regardless of belief. Religion is not and has never been only about belief.  Judaism especially has de-emphasized conviction.

Judaism carries the message that god is a psychological construct. 

Human nature is to invent and engage in relationships with deities. Dreaming up gods is the oldest and most universal human pastime. It’s almost an addiction.

Judaism tells us though not to follow this path. Instead, we would do better to focus on what is, to pay attention to what we can observe about life, to devote our energies to discerning as much as we can about the actual nature of our existence rather than a fantasy version with fairy godmothers or magical supernatural powers.

This is not a message for the immature nor is it easy for many to hear. I and many other people find the version of reality that includes a personal god to be much more comforting, less scary, more manageable and hopeful. 

“The more uncomfortable an answer, the more likely it is to be true.”

But there is hope and comfort in embracing as much of reality as we are able to perceive. There is more honesty, too.

The truth can hurt, but the truth can also heal.

Facing reality gives us the best shot we have at shaping reality.

When we embrace the nature of reality as best as we are able to understand it and work to clear the layers of what we wish were true but simply isn’t, we empower and awaken ourselves. We awaken ourselves to the most truly powerful focus of our attention (or worship, if you will): what is.

“All beliefs are wrong, but some are less wrong than others.”

In other words, the Jewish god is not a traditional god, but simply “what is”.  Judaism encourages humans to let go of embellishments – to strive to connect with reality. Reality, rather than myth, teaches Judaism, is what we should pursue.

Nothing’s more Jewish than atheism.


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